Have you been staying awake at night thinking how to deploy XenDesktop in the most cost effective manner for your business? Well, you can sleep better tonight knowing that at Synergy 2014 there will be a session with all the details to design the most cost effective and optimized XenDesktop deployment!

Join legendary Citrix Lead Architect Dan FellerRoger LaMarca, and Chris Pagel at  on Thursday, May 8th at 11:30 am to get a first hand technical discussion of some of the most pressing questions:

  • Can I use Local Storage and still have good performance with High Availability?
  • How many users can I fit on a server?
  • How can I reduce bandwidth and optimize my server environment?
  • How do I design my environment to scale in the future?

Questions like these are ones that we are always hearing from customers. This session’s goal is to provide answers to these questions and more by using experiences from the field and performance testing data.

If you’re lucky enough to beat the rush of attendees to see Dan Feller and crew at SYN312, you will finish the session with the knowledge in hand to make a more strategic decision when designing your XenDesktop deployment.

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