Whose Data Is It Anyway?

Simple: Your data is yours, my data is mine – I’ll respect yours, you respect mine.

In the modern world of blurred personal and corporate computing, we have mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops and hosted.  No matter the form factor or location, most of these devices have BOTH personal and company data.  How are these managed and how are personal and company data protected and separated?

Is this ideal?

Not ideal, but it is reality.  People do not want to carry two phones, two notebook computers and have an extra dedicated machine at their home to access stuff from work.   Whether the device is personally purchased and used for corporate or company purchased and used for personal, there’s an unavoidable presence of BOTH corporate and company data on the device.

Privacy” Session at Synergy 2014 – SYN262

At Synergy 2014, Citrix Chief Security Strategist Kurt Roemer and I will discuss Privacy and the competing goals of corporate and personal data on shared devices.   Here is a link to the Synergy presentation abstract, SYN262.

  • Where does data get stored?
  • Where do applications come from?
  • How do I authenticate?
  • What happens when my notebook is stolen?
  • How can I kill only company assets on a personal device?

Numerous technologies exist and more are being created to tackle these questions.

This session will show how Citrix XenMobile, XenApp, XenDesktop and NetScaler all participate to help users work effectively from numerous devices  and help companies protect their data, no matter how many devices users utilize.

My co-presenter at Synergy, Kurt Romer has written a blog preparing for this presentation, here.  Please read, and come to Synergy ready to discuss the privacy and mobility challenges of your company.

Joe Nord (@JHNord)

Security Product Manager, Citrix Systems