Let’s be honest — eDocs wasn’t the most modern-looking site. We loved it because we created it — seven years ago. So what prompted the change? Well, that’s a hard question. There were actually several factors, but the most important factor was YOU, our reader. Many readers complained about the website not looking like a Citrix website, among other things, but this seemed like an easy problem to fix. So we made some quick and easy changes, like the new Citrix color scheme and modern icons. Click here to access the site.

This skin was created by Martha Egan, one the visual designers from our design team. She wasn’t too happy about the restrictive assignment, but we’ve promised to let her “unleash hell” for the next iteration.

Darren, a front-end developer from our web services team, jumped right in after Martha finalized the comps. He churned out the code within no time and posted the test site on our sandbox about two weeks ago. Like Martha, he was not too happy with the minimal changes, and we’ve promised him bigger challenge later.

Ken, who had just returned from (yet another) ski vacation in Utah, coordinated the QA and launch. He is the tech guru on our team and keeps our systems going. His involvement toward the end of the launch was very critical for the release. 

But wait! We are not done yet. This is the first in a series of changes we are planning this year. We are committed to improving your experience. Please keep sending us your feedback.

e-mail: edocs@citrix.com

Twitter: @citrixedocs