Hurry, hurry step right this way! Come see the greatest show on earth with amazing live demos, chats with product experts and much, much more!

Some might not agree with my comparison between the Solutions Expo at Citrix Synergy and a circus, but there are a good number of similarities. You go to the circus to see amazing acts and ne amazed by the latest tricks. You do see the same at Synergy 2014 in the Solutions Expo, where we highlight our newest and most innovation products, technologies and services from leading IT companies, including Citrix.

Every year, the Citrix Booth is packed with customers checking out the latest and greatest that we have to offer and get answers to all of their questions for our product experts. And while we don’t have elephants and tigers, we’ve loaded the booth with even more live demos so that our customers can see what we have created for them.

Live Demos: Get a chance to see all of our products and solutions running live so that you can not only see but interact with the technology. Product experts can walk you through the demos and answer your questions.

Mobile Workspace Theater: In 25 years, Citrix has grown from a company delivering remote access to the most integrated, end-to-end mobility solution giving users access to their data, apps and desktops on any device, over any network. Under our big top, you’ll see the whole Citrix solution in action with live demos on stage every 30 minutes.

Ask the Experts: This may not be a high-wire act, but it is one of our most popular, where you can chat with experts who are out delivering our solutions in the field. Bring all your questions around best practices, the latest product enhancements or troubleshooting and the Ask the Experts panel can answer them.

Customer Engagement Hub: You’re juggling more balls than a circus clown – productivity improvement, security concerns and collaboration from anywhere. See real life examples of Citrix technology helping to solve today’s IT problems. And if you have a story to tell, here’s where you start by talking to our customer experience folks.

So while there may be none of the traditional acts like lion tamers, clown cars or acrobats, there is plenty to do and see at the Citrix booth. For those who have not yet registered to attend there is still time and a $150 discount if you sign up before April 3. Take a look at the Synergy website to see all of the great activities we have going on and I’ll see you in the Big Top!