Reference Architectures

If you haven’t already do check out Dell’s Reference architectures for Citrix XenDesktop including a general purpose Reference Architecture based on XD 7.1 as well as a graphics RA utilizing NVIDIA GRID and XenServer 6.2 SP1 taking full advantage of vGPU capabilities.

  1. General Purpose RA (Dell-Citrix RA including R720 as well as storage and networking options)
  2. Graphics RA (Dell-Citrix graphics RA detailing the different options available)

Real customer case studies of vGPU in deployment for graphical workloads on the Dell servers at NVIDIA GTC 2014

If you are lucky enough to be at NVIDIA GTC this week, try and get a space at my boss Derek’s session TOMORROW (Thursday 27th March 2014), “S4581 – Customer Experiences with GPU Virtualization and 3D Remoting”, full details are here. He’ll be talking about real GPU deployments on Dell enabled by Citrix HDX 3D Pro technologies already in production use with customers who have achieved some awesome projects including:

  • Building F16 fighter jets and using Siemens NX CAD and Teamcenter PLM
  • High-resolution healthcare imaging: FDA regulated cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • A major architectural firm constructing some of the world’s most beautiful sky-scrapers with Autodesk applications
  • A production vGPU university cloud enabling students to work anywhere cutting costs and taking advantage of Citrix’s favourable educational licensing
  • An engineering company who has sped up their Ansys FEA CAE simulations, 400% via virtualisation

Also do check out the Dell demo booths and their amazing ice sculptures! Wow!

vGPU in production deployment – NVIDIA case studies using the Dell R720, NVIDIA GRID and Citrix XenDesktop

–          This blogs dedicated to JC, MC and the rest of the awesome Dell engineering/architecture team! A dream to work with and a fantastic box!