Cisco and Citrix, strategic partners since 2011, recognize the transformation taking place in enterprise networks as companies support more mobile, anytime, anywhere access to enterprise applications. As a result, we’re capitalizing on the opportunity to align and deliver unique solutions for mobile workstyles, cloud services and cloud networking.

Today, as we continue to deliver on this pillar of our relationship, we’ll be discussing our specific collaboration around cloud services.

Our customers more than ever are asking for validated and tested cloud infrastructure configurations to help them easily and reliably deploy solutions. With this goal in mind, we recently developed and published a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) based on Citrix CloudPlatform running a FlexPod infrastructure.

This document represents a great partnership between Cisco, NetApp and Citrix to bring best in breed hardware and software together to provide customers with a elastic and multi-tenant environment that is well suited for both Service Providers and Enterprise organizations.

What makes this CVD unique is the integration work between Cisco and Citrix to allow direct access to Cisco UCS Manager (UCSM) from the Citrix Cloud Platform interface. This integration allows class of service designations for compute, network, and storage to be exposed directly to the user through the use of tags that are passed from CloudPlatform to UCSM. This integration allows for integration through a supported hypervisor, or integration with baremetal UCS B-Series blade servers if required.

For instance, let’s use compute as an example. We can now classify different service levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) that align to different types of blades based on performance or capacity. We assign a compute offering in CloudPlatform to the appropriate level and match a UCSM pool of resources when a request is made for infrastructure.

Here is what is looks like from UCSM:

Here is an example of a Platinum Compute Offering from CloudPlatform:

And finally, here is the user requesting a Platinum Level Offering to create a new instance:

For more details, check out the CloudPlatform on FlexPod CVD here and more information on Citrix CloudPlatform here.