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as NVIDIA’s GTC 2014 conference takes place in San Jose this week I want to give you some details about what  you can see here shown by Citrix’s SAP alliance team. I had many customers and guests coming to our booth yesterday already, and as they all asked me about the technical details about the demo I am happy to put this in a blog for everyone. (other vendors/competitors show nice things at their booth too, what I write about here is a real enterprise application).

So, let’s start. Together with colleagues from SAP, NVIDIA and SynerScope we created a PoC landscape at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto. This is about 20 miles away from the San Jose Convention Center where we are for GTC this week:

This is a high level overview of the landscape set up at SAP:

As you an see we use two K2 and one K1 cards in a server with a Supermicro Xeon board. XenServer 6.2 is taking care of the GPU passthrough to deliver the 3D graphics performance power to the applications running in the virtual machines. We have two different demo scenarios, one with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise showing virtual reality in combination with enterprise PLM data, a second one with Synerscope for Analytics. As you can see we have a couple of VMs running on the system, including some for Active Directoy, XenApp, XenDesktop, SAP HANA, … So, more or less, a simple standard Citrix/SAP landscape.

Many customers asked me yesterday about the network latency dependencies. As you can image it could be a challenge/risk to run this demo live from a remote location/cloud at at event with thousands of guests using mobile/WiFi devices, but not for us at Citrix. We are eating our own dog food.

The network latency from our demo systems at the Citrix booth to the VPN entry door is 13 ms in average (measured a couple of minutes ago), not bad at all. After establishing the VPN connection to the Citrix landscape at SAP COIL I can see a network latency of 28 ms. Not bad neither.

Doing a trace route back from one of the VMs to the show floor laptop shows this:

So, we look good from a network point of view.

How is the demo running now? Well of course I want to invite you to come to our booth at GTC but allow me to show a short teaser on YouTube at Citrix/NVIDIA/SAP/SynerScope at GTC 2014

As you can see in the video manipulating the model (this oil rig model has 42 million vertices, so it’s quite complex) runs very smoothly, and the response time of the analytics demo of SynerScope is unbeatable. It’s like working on your local desktop. And, no, this is no fake demo, is the real thing, no hidden server under the booth table, really going over the Internet to a remote GPU enabled Citrix/SAP landscape.

So, if you want to see this in reality don’t hesitate to visit the booth at GTC 2014 at the San Jose Convention Center. See you then.

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