Today, Citrix is excited to announce the XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning with CloudPlatform solution! 

IT organizations’ move to virtualization and subsequently to the cloud-based solutions have dramatically changed the way IT delivers and manages services and data to an ever-increasing mobile workforce. Desktop and application administrators are now increasingly looking towards cloud to realize the benefits of radically simplified service delivery and reduced operational and capital expenditures.

With the ability to seamlessly deploy and provision Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp workloads on Citrix CloudPlatform-based private cloud infrastructures, enterprise IT organizations are now better able to build a common service delivery architecture for all applications and desktops leveraging common policies and tools that simplify deployment and management, increase agility and reduce cost. From a single console, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp administrators can provision desktop applications and virtual desktops to any Citrix CloudPlatform-based private or public cloud infrastructure, in addition to virtualized datacenter infrastructure based on leading virtualization platforms such as Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere.

Desktop and application administrators now have a common management framework making the deployment and management of large-scale environments including multi-tenant, multi-site, and hybrid-cloud implementations far simpler and more automated.

The XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning with CloudPlatform solution provides: 

On-Demand scaling of XenDesktop and XenApp capacity: The XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning with CloudPlatform solution allows desktop administrators to design and deploy XenDesktop and XenApp workloads only based on current scalability requirements. Cloud administrators can add infrastructure such as hosts, clusters, pods or zones on an on-demand basis. This ensures that IT organizations incur limited upfront costs to deploy the initial XenDesktop environments and can scale the infrastructure on an on-demand basis. On-demand scaling capability also ensures that the XenDesktop and XenApp infrastructure is running at optimal capacity and there is no wasted capacity as administrators don’t need to over-architect or over-provision resources.

Citrix CloudPlatform also provides visibility into cloud infrastructure resource consumption such as compute, storage, among others. This allows cloud administrators to monitor the usage of various resources and they can choose to scale the capacity of only the required infrastructure components.

With this solution, XenDesktop and XenApp administrators can also leverage Citrix CloudPlatform-based public cloud IaaS service providers for hybrid cloud provisioning, enabling enterprise IT organizations to cost-effectively flex, grow, and eventually transform desktop virtualization operations.

Reduce Operational complexity by separating Desktop and Infrastructure administration tasks:

In Citrix XenDesktop deployments, Citrix CloudPlatform abstracts management of datacenter resources from management of application and desktop services, greatly simplifying management at scale. Citrix CloudPlatform provides a common management platform and combined resource pools for private or shared XenDesktop deployments, significantly reducing operational complexity.

Citrix CloudPlatform-based XenDesktop and XenApp deployments allow for simplified template and image management across hypervisor clusters. Citrix CloudPlatform also provides improved desktop experience by simplifying on-demand right sizing of desktop resources for end-users. Additionally, XenDesktop deployments can also benefit from increased desktop availability by deploying XenDesktop farms across multiple Citrix CloudPlatform zones.

Helping customers implement XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning with CloudPlatform:

The XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning with CloudPlatform solution also provides two customer-enablement programs: the XenDesktop Private Cloud LightHouse Program for enterprise customers and the Citrix Ready IaaS Cloud For XenDesktop program for Service Providers.

The LightHouse program is for Enterprise customers interested in Cloud Provisioning of XenDesktop/XenApp workloads on Citrix CloudPlatform. The program provides the following benefits to the enterprise customers:

  • Ability to test and validate the benefits of XenDesktop/XenApp on CloudPlatform-based on-premise private clouds
  • Explore latest features and validated best practices
  • Ability to influence Citrix product roadmaps
  • Dedicated program teams across from Citrix to support the customer every step of the way: Sales, Product Management, Engineering, Marketing.

Citrix Ready: IaaS Cloud for XenDesktop  is a Citrix ready program designed specifically for Cloud Providers to certify them to run IaaS Clouds for Citrix XenDesktop 7.5. For Citrix Ready partners, this program provides full end-to-end marketing, technical support, and partner management benefits. It also allows Citrix Ready partners to showcase their products on Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace.

Where can I get more info?

For more information, I would recommend XenDesktop+CloudPlatform Better together blog by Joe Vaccaro, Director- Product Management.

Watch this space as we keep on adding lot of new content such as whitepapers, reference architecture, videos on to highlight the key features and benefits of the XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning for CloudPlatform solution.