The Talon RemoteFAST™ solution is specifically engineered to solve the problems of enterprises with distributed Windows™ infrastructures by combining WAFS, WAN Optimization, virtual storage and branch office IT services such as Active Directory, DNS/DHCP, Software Distribution and local File and Print services in a single easy-to-deploy framework.

RemoteFAST™ overcomes the barriers of latency, bandwidth and network reliability to solve the toughest enterprise-wide branch office IT issues. RemoteFAST™ scales from the largest highly available data center deployments through large branch offices down to individual users.

The CloudBridge CSX Solution combines the new CloudBridge 2000WS appliance with Talon RemoteFAST™ to offer the multi-site file collaboration services needed at the branch. The combination of this new CloudBridge CSX Solution with partner add-ons eliminates the need to maintain additional servers at the branch, making it a significant cost savings proposition for enterprise IT.

Talon’s RemoteFAST™ provides Microsoft File Aware application acceleration and storage caching solutions for branch office infrastructure.  RemoteFAST, which is verified as Citrix Ready, enables full-scale branch office consolidation and eliminates performance bottlenecks with large files.

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Talon RemoteFAST for CloudBridge – Solution Brief

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