Qumu VideoNet Edge provides network-friendly delivery of video and associated media content for our customers. Whether it’s a CEO live webcast, product demonstration, employee generated content, or any one of many other use cases, VideoNet Edge makes enterprise-wide video communication efficient, reliable and secure. And, VideoNet Edge works in conjunction with the Qumu Video Control Center for centralized management, configuration and monitoring.

The CloudBridge CSX Solution combines the new CloudBridge 2000WS appliance with QUMU VideoNet Edge to offer the video distribution and streaming services needed at the branch. The combination of this new CloudBridge CSX Solution with partner add-ons eliminates the need to maintain additional servers at the branch, making it a significant cost savings proposition for enterprise IT.

The Qumu Video Control Center, a unified video and webcasting platform enables enterprises to exercise complete control over video content while enabling consumption over any device. The VideoNet Edge component of the Qumu solution, verified as Citrix Ready, enables management of a video delivery service over a WAN efficiently, while cutting IT infrastructure cost.

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Technical Contact: Mubeen Syed – mubeen.syed@qumu.com


Qumu VNE for CloudBridge – Solution Brief

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