Mobility is undoubtedly a top priority for companies of all sizes. The benefits are numerous including increased flexibility and productivity. Achieving a mobile workforce means that you need applications that are also mobile. On one hand, you have native mobile apps that are developed specifically for certain platforms (such as iOS and Android). These kinds of apps provide native experiences and can be controlled with a solution like XenMobile.

Another option is to mobilize the current Windows applications that you already own and deliver them to mobile devices from either XenApp or XenDesktop using Receiver. This option has been around for several years since we first introduced a Receiver for the original iPhone. In more recent years, however, we can now make Windows applications look and feel more mobile friendly while being delivered to mobile devices. We can even have these native Windows applications tap into local mobile device capabilities. That is the power of the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps!

At Synergy 2014 in May, I will be hosting a Learning Lab session designed to jump-start your exploration of the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps and how it can empower your organization to go mobile. You’ll experience first-hand how this SDK enables organizations to mobilize and deliver Windows applications to mobile devices with Receiver while leveraging local capabilities such as GPS and camera. You’ll also learn about the technology’s architecture and requirements to best prepare yourself for a variety of implementation use-cases.

If you’re planning on attending Synergy this year and are serious about mobility solutions, you simply can’t afford to miss this session. Register for SYN601 – Mobilizing your enterprise apps with the Citrix Mobile SDK for Windows apps! Once registered, be sure to bring along an iOS or Android-powered mobile device so you can access and test the mobile applications you build.