The Citrix Information Experience (Ix) team is pioneering the transformation of technical documentation into a function of product design. Formerly called Tech Pubs, Ix is using a human-focused approach to discover how customers interact with our content and deliver the content our customers want, when they want it, and how they want it.

Gaining customer empathy, ideation, and quick prototyping and testing are the drivers behind our design-thinking-led transformation. Our process is inspired by the design thinking methodology created by the Institute of Design at Stanford.

An example of a recent project involved organizing our eDocs content related to the release of XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5. Rather than organizing content the way we thought customers wanted it, we asked them to show us how they wanted it.

We quickly came up with three prototypes for our eDocs navigation pane. One was a trimmed-down version of what was already in eDocs; the second was based on how the product team viewed the product; and the third was based on a video sent in by a customer.

Using our Twitter followers and internal contacts, we recruited six customers. We asked them who they are, what their goals are, and what they think about eDocs, and then we put the three prototypes in their hands to see which they liked the best. We then gave the customers the opportunity to edit their favorite prototypes. This was where the real insights were revealed.

The customers’ input directly impacted the final structure of our table of contents. Our holistic approach encompassed not only what they said and did but also included inferences made about what they think and how they feel about the content.

We have some exciting things in the pipeline, including a newly redesign eDocs site, and will have many more opportunities for customers to interact with us.

We want to hear what you think about the Citrix information experience and what we can do to make it better. To participate in projects or to give us feedback, follow us on Twitter @citrixedocs, email us at, or visit us on Facebook at

For more about design thinking at Citrix, see Catherine Courage’s TEDxKyoto’s talk.