The Geek Speak Live! track is now live in the Citrix Synergy session catalog!

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive. And now the Citrix Synergy session catalog is here! And Citrix Synergy is almost here too. (Can you believe how quickly that one year has gone?)

What?! You’ve never attended the Geek Speak track at Synergy? You are really missing out. The Geek Speak Live! track is for more technical topics and many of the session leaders are our own Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs). This is your opportunity to get a more indepth view of any of the fourteen technical topics – from coding to XenDesktop sizing; we’ve got it all.

These sessions are particularly fun because they are unfiltered and typically lead to great opportunities for audience participation. We need to hear from you to know if we are providing the right technical content, so please make sure to complete your session feedback form after attending each session.

There are two Geek Speak programs on the Synergy agenda:

  • Geek Speak Tonight! A happy hour event on Monday, May 5, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, complete with snacks and beverages. This is where the audience participation really kicks in. Bring your tough questions and be prepared to join in on the fun. We’re doing things a bit differently this year – we’re going to have a series of debates and of TED-like talks on technical topics.
  • Geek Speak Live! Track: This series of open, unfiltered sessions covering a variety of technical topics is held concurrently with the regular Synergy breakout session tracks, giving attendees a chance to participate in in-depth technical discussions.

Here are all the Twitter handles for the Geek Speak Live! track for each session speaker:

Session 501: Geek Speak Tonight! Too many to name at this time. 🙂

Session 502: Helge Klein   XenDesktop 7.1 sizing for dummies

Session 503: Carl Webster  PowerShell wizardry: continuing to solve real-world customer problems

Session 504: Henrik Johansson  Unleashing the power of the NetScaler policy and expressions engine

Session 505: Jim Moyle  Creating a ‘killer’ end user experience

Session 506: Daniel Wedel   XenMobile App Edition: experiences from the field

Session 507: Chris Rogers, Steve Greenberg, Warren Simondson  Geek Speak. Yes. YOU speak!

Session 508: Thorsten Rood (not on Twitter)   The Citrix mobility stack – uncovered

Session 509:  Wilco van BragtIngmar Verheij   Provisioning Services design decisions and real-life experiences

Session 510: Warren Simondson, Jason Conger  Kitchen magic: take yesterday’s Windows app, add some SDK and mobilize

Session 511: Thomas Poppelgaard  Why GPU is the missing component in virtualization

Session 512: Thorsten Rood (not on Twitter)  ShareFile Enterprise: StorageZones and NetScaler – How secure are you?

Session 513: Timco Hazelaar  Risks, challenges, best practices and troubleshooting of NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront

Session 514: Denis Gundarev  How to build a Citrix infrastructure in the Amazon cloud (AWS)

Session 515: Dan FellerThomas Berger   Must-haves for any successful VDI deployment