With its unique cloud desktop solutions, Cortado provides the complete answer to the current IT trends of virtualization, cloud computing, bring your own device (BYOD) and consumerization. Cortado’s ThinPrint ensures that the complex printing technology follows suit as data and applications are centralized while print outs need to be delivered easily, quickly and reliably to users printers wherever they have access to the Citrix virtual desktop.

ThinPrint’s combination of superior technology and experience, improved user experience and greater overall control of a print environment will prove valuable to administrators and companies looking to optimize the branch office experience.

ThinPrint helps provide a fully functioning and independent print environment that can be centrally managed while also allowing for local maintenance and changes. This is important when the size of the branch requires a certain level of autonomy to provide the highest possible quality of IT services to the branch and maximum simplicity with the least amount of cost.

The CloudBridge CSX Solution combines the new CloudBridge 2000WSappliance with Cortado’s ThinPrint to offer the localized print services needed at the branch. The combination of this new CloudBridge CSX Solution with partner add-on eliminates the need to maintain additional servers at the branch, making it a significant cost savings proposition for enterprise IT.

Cortado’s ThinPrint solution provides professional print management for Citrix XenDesktop environments. The ThinPrint Connected Gateway, which is verified as Citrix Ready, enables high performance branch printing while reducing the overall cost of the printing infrastructure.

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Technical Contact:  Megan Easterling – Megan.Easterling@cortado.com


ThinPrint For CloudBridge – Solution Brief

Extend ThinPrint to the Branch Office with Citrix’ CloudBridge

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