Citrix Synergy following Summit offers partners a unique opportunity to enhance their expertise and skills and benefit from a timely refresh of their knowledge with new business and technical information.Because Synergy brings together end customers and partners, this conference also provides a shared experience that can drive deeper, more meaningful and more action-oriented customer conversations.

Partners accompanying their customers to Synergy can make a significant difference in relationships and business growth for these reasons:

  1. Customers are more receptive to your solutions and services. Once they’ve seen all the new, innovative Citrix and alliance partner solutions, they will naturally turn to you for help with virtualization, mobility, networking and cloud implementations.
  2. Customer education makes your job easier. Synergy provides targeted business and technical training to customers. The more knowledgeable they become, the easier it is for you to talk about the Citrix strategy around enterprise mobility and its diverse benefits to the business, the IT team and the workforce.
  3. Customer networking with peers can validate your advice. Synergy offers customers the opportunity to hear directly from their peers about the benefits of new Citrix solutions, capabilities and third-party alliance partner offerings across the portfolio. This positive feedback can reinforce your advice and accelerate a sale as well as spearhead further technical demonstrations that can lead to multiple implementations.

New resources help you explain Synergy and its benefits to customers.

•    Citrix Synergy 2014 Email Copy Block

•    Citrix Synergy 2014 Sell the Value Guide

•    Citrix Synergy 2014 Talking Points

•    Citrix Synergy Promotional Postcard

•    Citrix Synergy 2014 PPT Slide

Register for Synergy today so you can experience the power of mobility with your customers, explore the latest trends and innovations and take advantage of this premier industry conference.