I am pleased to announce full Citrix support for a number of Supermicro servers that we have recently added to the vGPU and GPU pass-through listings  on the Citrix XenServer Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for XenServer. Supermicro is transforming the high performance computing landscape and their servers are popular with scientists, engineers, designers and many other professionals offering very cost-effective access to supercomputing. Here in XenServer QA and hardware certification, we are very excited to see these new cutting-edge servers from such tier 1 vendors involving in the ecosystem around our unmatched GPU and  vGPU sharing technologies. The Technologies has attracted an enormous buzz, especially around the launch of Citrix-NVIDIA’s unique vGPU capability in the XenServer 6.2SP1 release which is proving to  be an enormous success. Please note, the vGPU currently supported only on NVIDIA GRID technology cards of K1 and K2 variants which are designed for cloud and its scope for scalability.

Our unrivalled portfolio is possible thanks to the fantastic collaboration we have with top class GPU manufacturers such as NVIDIA, coupled with our own leading-edge graphics technologies such as HDX Pro 3D for XenDesktop and solutions for XenApp. Here in QA and HCL certification we work closely with hardware partners such as Supermicro and NVIDIA testing hardware combinations through a series of rigorous benchmarks tests on multiple Guest OS versions, including lengthy stress tests. We ensure that chip-set errata, hardware faults and BIOS setting issues are fully understood and resolved so that the customers can select hardware from the HCL with the confidence that it has been tested, and that engineering and support relationships exist with the assurance of Citrix Support.

The world’s major server OEM vendors such as Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Supermicro have been pro-actively sending submissions on NVIDIA cards including the popular GRID K1 and K2 preparing for the upcoming NVIDIA GTC and Citrix Synergy conferences. Supermicro now offer a wide range of listed on the HCL offering users even more choice.

The Supermicro servers currently listed on the HCL and CitrixReady Market place for vGPU are:

–          SuperBlade 7127RG-E

–          SuperServer 1027GR-TR2

–          SuperServer 2027GR-TR2

All of them come with Intel’s upgraded Ivy Bridge family of CPUs  which clocks better and are very powerful supporting up-to 48 threads.

Supermicro along with other major OEMs including Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco etc. are sponsoring the upcoming NVIDIA GTC conference in San Jose, CA, USA March 24-27th,  that should offer an excellent arena in which to discuss many complex challenges that GPU technology is solving. Do check out the GTC site for further details!

If you are a OEM vendor interested in sending us submissions with the NVIDIA GRID K1 and K2 or other GPU cards, please do visit our Citrix Ready Partnering site, here,  for details of the certification tests and Citrix Ready partnering process. This site may also be of interest to end customers interested to learn how the Citrix Ready team works with those of us in XenServer engineering and QA to ensure partner hardware is thoroughly tested. In the XenServer engineering and QA teams we speak to OEM architects and test lab managers pretty much daily to ensure solutions just work when you start using them.

This is my first blog behind the scenes as an engineer working in certification and quality assurance. Do let me know things I could improve upon or any topics you would want to hear more about!