As my whole household watching with excitement the college Basketball games also known as call March Madness,  NetScaler continues to create the buzz with new double the value NetScaler 8005, 8015 and 115xx series.

NetScaler introduces 8005 and 8015 models.  What makes this an exciting new line up is the offering of SDX 8015 that includes 2 instances and option to buy 3 instance pack at 15Gbps throughput.  MPX 8005 and MPX 8015 have all NetScaler editions available (Standard, Enterprise and Platinum editions).   Another unique advantage of this platform family is the ability for MPX 8015 to be field upgradeable to SDX 8015.  NetScaler also continues to take our differentiation advantage with Pay-as-you-Grow – allowing customers to upgrade to next level throughput of the box without changing the hardware or software, Burst Pack that allow customers to upgrade to highest level throughput of the platform temporarily as they need it during busy times such as holiday or tax seasons, and last but not list Clustering support – the ability to clustering multiple boxes to scale the capacity of the customer’s network.

Next to discuss is the new NetScaler 115xx platform family.  New platform family includes the following models and details:

  • MPX 11515, 11520, 11530, 11540, 11542 (All NetScaler editions available – Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and Platinum Edition)
  • SDX 11515, 11520, 11530, 11540, 11542
  • MPX platforms can be field upgradeable to SDX
  • Approximately 2x more SSL processing power in this mid-range platform and previous mid-range
  • Port config for this platform is 8x10GE SFP+ and 4x1G SFP
  • Pay-as-you-Grow, Burst Pack and Clustering supported

This is a thrilling time with not only great college athletes looking to be champs but for NetScaler to continue to leverage TriScale technology differentiation allowing multi-dimensional scaling strategy which is requisite to building a service delivery fabric for optimizing the delivery of web, mobile and cloud-based applications.  This will help customers scale and have a peace of mind for better high availability for business critical apps.  Also check out the latest competitive Tolly report show casing latest platforms and how it compares from real world web application delivery use cases, ranging from simple HTTP load balancing to sophisticated L7 traffic mgmt with payloads that represent real world traffic sizes.  In addition, check out ‘The evil twin of fastpath’ blog by Abhishek Chauhan, his blogs are always a blast to read!

Details for new platforms and other platform updates can be found here