Recently my team and I had the opportunity to create a lab guide for the NetScaler 1000v in Cisco’s dCloud environment. For those of you not familiar with dCloud it’s essentially Cisco’s version of the Citrix Demo Center. You have the ability to provision an environment for a set period of time and can use it to either learn or demo. In this post I’ll take you through the steps of gaining access to the 1000v lab. Your company will need to be a Cisco partner (Citrix employees you qualify) in order for you to gain access to the lab.

Before we get into the steps to gain access and provision the lab what kind of sales pitch would this be if I didn’t tell you what the benefit is to you. For people already familiar with NetScaler this lab is a great way to quickly see how to configure the NetScaler 1000v to communicate with the Nexus 1000v and the back-end web servers. It goes through all of the configuration necessary on both the NetScaler and the Nexus VSM. I’d highly recommend everybody going through at least the first load balancing exercise. If you’re familiar with Cisco but don’t have much training in NetScaler this lab continues past configuration to demo some of the NetScaler staples including load balancing, content switching, request/response rewrites, and high availability. We also bring in some advanced features including App Firewall using WebGoat, Global Server Load Balancing, and clustering.

And finally, here are the steps to gain access. Enjoy!

  • Go to and click register in the top right corner

  • After registering go to Account>Profile Manager>Contact and add your company

  • You will receive an email stating that you are waiting for approval (an admin from your company has to approve you)
  • After you are approved go to and login with your credentials
  • In the search box type NetScaler to find the 1000v demo environment (look for most recent date in the bottom left)

  • You can take it from there (hit: select Start/Schedule)
  • All lab guides and access information are contained within the environment