On February 13, Citrix announced availability of two new Citrix CloudBridge appliances – CloudBridge 400 and CloudBridge 800 – which combine WAN optimization, application acceleration and management with seamless cloud connectivity to simplify the branch office support experience for IT.

CloudBridge 800, which supports small to medium-sized (SMB) locations, provides full WAN optimization, video caching and visibility needed by branch offices that use cloud services as an essential part of conducting business. CloudBridge 400, targeted at smaller, “micro” branches or retail kiosks, provides the same full WAN optimization capabilities and application visibility, but right-sized for those locations with less capacity and fewer users.

Both appliances dramatically enhance the performance of applications in the branch, while simplifying deployment, configuration and onsite hardware replacement due to damage or upgrades.

For more information, go to the CloudBridge kits on SalesIQ or contact the CloudBridge Marketing Team.  

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