So the other day, I asked my 3 year old kid to spell SDN (Software Defined Networks), and after about one minute, he proceeded to provide me with the – Huh look!  Then my young one went on to ask, “What’s SDN’n?” <insert cute 3 year old voice> Did he just say, SDN’n?  That’s a new one, and I’m liking the way that came out.  Okay, so now I have the pleasure of having that father-son sit down pow wow.  You know, about separation of data and control planes!                                                                                      

(Speaking to 3 year old while he is playing Angry Birds – Star Wars II on the IPad, great game BTW!)

Young Jedi, the largest and most successful public cloud providers long ago realized that the Cloud is only as powerful as the underlying network infrastructure. They therefore undertook initiatives making their networks less of a bottleneck. In some cases this is achieved by eliminating L2 segmentation and implementing a flat L3 network. In other cases, it is achieved by implementing overlay networks through techniques like tunneling IP within IP. In most cases, these initiatives focused on flattening the network by eliminating hierarchical network topologies. Flattening the network definitely helps make the network more pliable, especially for supporting server virtualization. However, efficiency gains from simply flattening the network are incremental at best. Currently, software defined networking is emerging as the long-term solution to address network fragility.

The reaction I received from my Son was classic.  He actually got up, and walked away into the other room!  Said I was disturbing him.  Maybe providing an in depth overview on SDN is not the right topic for a 3 year old……..

Here at Citrix, we approach SDN with NetScaler by allowing for common application control layer to simplify the deployment and configuration of best-in-class network services, ensuring application availability, application security and application acceleration.


App-driven network control

NetScaler for SDN delivers a unified application control layer composed of best-in-class L4-7 network services. This makes defining policies truly app-driven, eliminating the need to manually define policies for each application into each network service.
  • AppTemplates coalesce application-specific traffic management, acceleration and security policies into simple yet powerful control containers.
  • Best-in-class application networking services are available from NetScaler Alliance partners

App-driven network deployment

NetScaler for SDN provides a prescriptive, app-driven approach to automate the whole network configuration. Best-in-class network services are dynamically provisioned, freeing admins from complex, error-prone per application provisioning of individual network services.
  • AppFormations provides a prescriptive, programmable, app-centric framework for defining network policy and topology for the whole network.
  • AutoSense/AutoScale dynamically adjust application capacity based upon real-time awareness of application load.

Consolidated network services

Next-generation NetScaler SDX provides an open platform that consolidates discrete network services while preserving best-in-class network functionality.
  • AppFabric controller unifies provisioning, monitoring and management of best-in-class network services.
  • An extensible virtualization framework supports onboarding of additional services while retaining full isolation and independence.

Innate application awareness

The NetScaler for SDN application control layer can impart true application intelligence and app-driven control to both existing L2-3 infrastructures and new SDN technologies.
  • Leverage bidirectional integration between existing transport network infrastructure and emerging SDN OpenFlow controllers.
  • Benefit from bidirectional integration with leading cloud orchestration platforms.
SDN’n intelligence into Next-Gen Networks with NetScaler SDX. You cannot go wrong!