A new era has begun and I am proud to announce the official release of the Citrix ShareFile v3 API Platform! There are some great new things with this API and more to come in the near future.  We are now a fully Restful API utilizing JSON format for request / response protocols, and we also have implemented the ODATA specification which will allow developers familiar with this framework to adopt our API much easier.


We now require oAuth 2.0 or SAML Authentication, which allows us to track usage statistics and traffic flow.  Soon we will even allow our developers to see their own traffic metrics to help them improve their apps.  We hope this new visibility will allow for faster feature updates for our most used requests as well as a better developer experience.  You can request an oAuth token here


We implemented a subset of the ODATA specification, which is a set of standards for how to describe objects and actions in a REST API. This ODATA implementation also means our API easily extends base requests with Query Parameters to retrieve information such as Relational Objects. This gives developers a powerful tool to leverage our file sharing capabilities within their own applications.

For those of you who are not ready to update to the latest and greatest API, do not worry, v1 is still available and we will not be phasing it out any time soon.  Your applications will continue to function as they are, but I encourage you to update to the newest API as soon as possible. There are a number of great new features that are only available in v3 and we are expanding it’s capabilities every day.  Look for our new SDKs to begin appearing early next month!
I look forward to seeing all the exciting applications that our partners will develop!