Each time you use GoToWebinar, you could be generating leads!

It’s really pretty simple: each time you use your free license of GoToWebinar, include a quick poll or survey at the end of the presentation that asks attendees if they’d like a free trial of GoToWebinar for their personal or business use. Then, use your GoToWebinar partner link to sign them up. Just like that, you’ve logged a new lead!

Here’s how:

  • Include a poll or a survey (or both) asking webinar attendees if they’d like to try GoToWebinar for themselves free for 30 days
  • Collect the attendee responses and pull the email addresses (these can be found in the Attendee Report after the webinar) of those interested in a free GoToWebinar trial
  • Send an email to attendees that includes your GoToWebinar referral link. For each trial that converts to a sale, you’ll earn a commission.

Want a little more information? Check out the detailed instructions of the steps above (including sample poll, survey and email text).

CSA partners are entitled to all the SaaS Products for free!
Did you know that as a Citrix Solution Advisor, you can receive the entire suite of SaaS products (valued at over $5,000) completely free? Seriously. To receive your products, just submit your request using this form. It’s the best way to learn how to use and sell these solutions, and it can help you in your day-to-day business as well!

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