The brand new update from our friends in Cupertino — iOS 7.1, was released on Monday, March 10th.  Citrix is happy to announce zero day support for iOS 7.1 devices.  We have been focused on ensuring that the existing (v8.5 and v8.6) and our release of Citrix XenMobile® (v8.7) support iOS 7.1.

Features offered in iOS 7.1 include:

  • CarPlay:  Similar to AirPlay, this feature lets you project your iOS device on the car’s built-in display.  As one might expect, this feature is available only on select new cars in 2014.
  • Siri:  Users can now manually control when Siri listens by holding down the Home button while you speak and releasing it when done.
  • Touch ID:  Many iPhone 5s users complained periodically about the lack of stability in the Touch ID.  iOS 7.1 fixes that bug to make Touch ID to improve fingerprint recognition.
  • Device Enrollment Program:  This enables IT to provide a fast, streamlined way to deploy institutionally owned iPad and iPhone devices and Mac computers that are purchased directly from Apple.
  • Activation Lock:  With Activation Lock, the user’s Apple ID and password are required before anyone can turn off Find My iPhone, sign out of iCloud on the device and erase/reactivate the device.

We also just announced the new release of Citrix XenMobile 8.7.  Key features of XenMobile 8.7 include product enhancements to offer richer user experience, user collaboration and extended platform/app support.  Here’s a quick list of what to expect in XenMobile 8.7:

  • Single click access to Microsoft Lync from XenMobile Calendar makes users productive faster by reducing the amount of time required to join online meetings.
  • Users enjoy a “better than native” experience to communicate with customers and partners through integrated FaceTime and SMS capabilities within XenMobile Contacts.
  • Lotus Notes users now benefit from secure, user friendly, business-class email on their smartphones and tablets through the WorxMail user interface.

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