Yesterday, Convoi (an App from Citrix Online) released the update I’ve been waiting for to the iOS App Store. Notifications have arrived and this app now offers me something that my other chat/social applications do not.

For a start, it’s free which is always a bonus although I’m more than happy to pay a small fee for something that adds value. It allows me to interact in groups or “teams” as the app calls them enabling me to send a message to a group of people. This isn’t anything new and I use “Whatsapp” for this today. It also offers me the ability to make free calls within these teams. That’s what I use Viber for so big deal… What these apps don’t currently have is the ability to have voice calls in a group with multiple members conference call style and Convoi gives me that as well as the functionality provided in both WhatsApp and Viber in a simple and effective way.
Having recently relocated from the UK to Fort Lauderdale, I’m trying especially hard to keep in touch with my friends back home. At the moment it’s either in a group chat or a 1:1 call. Convoi gives me the ability to move from the group chat to the group call. Obviously it’s something that can also translate to the workplace and the small team that I’m on are now using this for instant communication when we’re on the go whether it’s a message, a voice call or both!
Although at present this is iOS only, it solves my immediate problem and I’m sure the Citrix Online team are working tirelessly on adding further platform support as well as incremental features.
To learn more, visit or download here –