Validated CSPs use the latest technologies from Citrix, enabling massive scale

Over 10,000 Citrix partners deliver hosted desktops and hosted applications to end users each day, but only a select group have achieved full validation of their hosted offering within the Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Partner Program.  My previous blog on service provider validation outlined the business drivers that lead to the creation of an evaluation of a hosted service provider’s technical implementation and support network as a part of the Citrix Service Provider Validation Program.  For those service providers wanting to establish themselves as leaders in the emerging DaaS, as well as the broader Windows Applications, Data and Desktop markets, the payoff of achieving validation or diamond validation in the CSP program is worth the investment in time, staff and technology.

Many service provider partners have now inquired about this validation and how a review of their hosted apps, data and desktop solutions, business, sales and marketing operations works. Here is the inside scoop.

From my active involvement in the Citrix service provider partner validations, the live review sessions have been very productive collaboration opportunities between our now validated service provider partners and our business and technical SMEs within the Citrix engineering and product teams.

The entire agenda for a validation review is driven by the questions posed in our Citrix Service Provider Architectural Review Request Form, available for download from Partner Central.  Once the form has been completed and submitted, with accompanying network diagrams and process flow charts, we schedule the live review session.  The live sessions are conducted through GoToMeeting and are highly collaborative exchanges between the Citrix teams and the service provider partner.  During this time we discuss business focus and practices and then dive into the details of the solution, with a focus on the implementation of key components like compute, networking, storage, provisioning, image maintenance, customer on-boarding, migration, secure access, multi-tenancy models, and disaster recovery.

Scott Swanburg hosts a panel discussion with a few of our CSP Validated - White Label partners

One of the most interesting parts of the service provider validation process is discussing the end user experience. The Citrix validation team logs into the service provider’s hosted desktop system as a sample end user and to review the overall experience.

We look forward to working with more service provider partners to bring them on as validated and diamond validated partners.  Together, these validated partners and Citrix are setting the bar for what comprehensive multi-tenancy for DaaS and management services provides our mutual end user customers.  Delivering on the vision for Cloud Hosted Services and Mobile Workspaces today, Citrix Service Provider Program partners bring a mature but ever evolving solution that has been driving this market for several years already.

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