Demoing end-to-end mobility

Learn how an effective demo strategy leveraging powerful Citrix tools and polished execution can help you shorten the sales cycle for enterprise mobility solutions.

Seeing is believing, as the saying goes. That’s why demos are so effective in showing customers the value of a technology solution.

In fact, a 2013 IDG report on informational needs during the purchasing process revealed that demos play a key role in evaluation, vendor selection, the internal “sell” and purchase authorization.

In the case of enterprise mobility, still in its early stages, demos are critical for conveying the big picture and macro benefits, as well as cool features and functionality.

A winning demo for end-to-end mobility requires a thoughtful strategy, the latest demo tools and, most important, doing your homework. When all these factors are optimized, your demo can shorten the sales cycle and even avoid the need for a proof of concept.

Designing a demo strategy for mobility solutions

The best demos are tailored to the needs, interests and challenges of your audience, whether they are executives, managers or IT staff.  You also need to identify the customer’s stage in the new Citrix sales motion for the mobile user productivity journey:

  1. Get me mobile – mobile device management (MDM), secure content management and remote user support
  2. Make mobile better – containerized mobile email and browser apps
  3. Make mobile complete – containerized Windows apps, micro-VPN, app-level controls

Partners, read the full article to find out more about designing a winning demo strategy for mobility solutions.

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