Part 1: New Employee On-boarding: Easy as 1…2…3!

There’s something to be said about companies that drink their own champagne.  One such organization is my new employer, Citrix!  We love using our own products!

If you have seen any of our marketing materials, the terms “mobile workstyles”, “mobile users”,  “Bring Your Own Device” (among others) are not new to you.  At Citrix, we not only enable our customers with such solutions, but use those internally ourselves.  I wanted to take a quick moment and blog about few things that swept me off my feet.

  • Welcome Email: The very first email I received from Citrix IT, even before my start date, gave me an option to choose between a BYO or a corporate device.  It clearly explained the stipend Citrix offers for BYO devices and Citrix’s BYO policy.  Now mind you, this is not a lengthy T&C that we just click-through without reading.  BYOD policy at Citrix is a concise list that states the differences between corporate-owned and personally-owned devices in simple terms.  It took me less than five minutes to read through the policy (and in my case, opt for BYO).
  • Day One: Employee productivity is not about a device.  It is not about an application either.  It is about an ecosystem of applications that enable us to collaborate, communicate and contribute.  On day one, all I did was download Citrix Receiver and Worx Home.  Receiver gave me access to the virtualized applications on my Mac and iPhone (neither of which are Citrix devices) and Worx Home gave me the apps I needed on my iPhone (Email/Contacts/Calendar, a secure browser etc.).  And just like that I was equipped with the basics I needed to function by noon on day one (which included a 90min new hire orientation)!

One thing that impressed me the most in this process was that I did not need any help from IT.  Once I had the Wi-Fi password and mail server address, I could access the apps and content that IT had provisioned for me based on my role.

It *is* that simple; easy as 1…2…3(yes, you can thank Jackson 5 for that tune that’s stuck in your head now) 🙂

Stay tuned for this series as I continue to write about my experiences with all things (Citrix) mobile.