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This year we are back with a bang with a lot of fresh & new features.

Command Center 5.2 Beta brings the latest and best forward for NetScaler & CloudBridge management and extends its family to newer platform and device support. Here is a sneak peak to what makes Command Center 5.2 Beta the release to explore.


Selective Replicate:

Last year we introduced replicating configuration from one device to another within few clicks. But, what if you don’t want to replicate the complete configuration but a part of the configuration from a device. With Selective Replicate, we empower users to select whatever they want from a devices configuration and push it across as many devices they would like to.

New CloudBridge Built-in Task:

Command Center already supports a good set of built-in tasks to ease CloudBridge Management. With this release we make this list stronger by introducing the missing pieces for better CloudBridge Management. Here is the list of newly added built-in tasks.

  • Add WCCP Service Group
  • Enable WCCP devices
  • Disable WCCP
  • Set Application
  • Set Traffic Shaping Policy
  • Add Traffic Shaping Policy
  • Add Service

NetScaler SDX SVM Config Backup:

Command Center acts as a centralized configuration backup repository delivering a concrete ‘Config Preserve’ to administrators. With this release it will not only take backups for NetScaler & CloudBridge devices but also for NetScaler SDX SVM Configuration.


Simplified Cloud Bridge Deployment:

We want to make administrators life as simple and as hassle free as possible. This is what we plan to achieve with this feature for CloudBridge administrators. This feature will bring down the Branch device administration and device management requirement to a certain level.

Registration: Command Center 5.2 has introduced a registration feature which initiates discovery of CloudBridge devices on Command Center from CloudBridge itself. This feature will be available for CloudBridge 400/800 platforms only. Considering Command Center will be deployed in Datacenter, once the branch devices are discovered on Command Center the rest of the device management can be done from Datacenter itself. This will essentially offload Branch CloudBridge device management to Datacenter administrator from Branch administrator.

Replication: Once this is done, using Selective Replicate feature, the Datacenter admin can easily replicate configuration from other CloudBridge devices of the datacenter to the Branch devices.

New Device/Platform Support:

The device family of Command Center is now extended to ByteMobile Traffic Director & CloudBridge 400/800 platform.


Link SSL Certificate:

This feature will introduce the ability to link SSL certificates centrally using Command Center. This eases down the burden of Linking SSL certificates by login into each and every devices. Now, it’s just a 3 click           process from one single screen.



Smooth First Time User Experience:

This feature ensures the user knows what to do when they login to the Command Center console. Initially users used to get blank dashboard forcing them to explore other modules to figure out where to go to do anything at all. Now, first and foremost it helps the user add device as they login. With this done as first step, the user will have contextual data on dashboard and across few other modules to explore appropriately.

Once the basic add device is done, the user can also select to configure ‘Advance Settings’ like changing Password of Command Center, configure SMTP server, Disk Management and AAA settings.


NetScaler Performance Dashboard:

It puts across the right telemetry under one roof to assess performance across multiple NetScaler appliances. It will give you a bird’s eye view across all devices for metrics like CPU & Memory consumption,               Tx/Rx, HTTP Req/s, SSL transactions/sec and a lot more.



Automate Configurations over Alarms:

The Fault Management module expands its wings from being Notifiable alarms to Actionable Alarms. This feature will enable user to trigger configuration execution based on SNMP traps.

For instance if administrator wants all the new SDX NetScaler instances to have Command Center as a Syslog Server. They will just need to set a trigger and select deviceAdded SNMP trap and the built-in task to configure the existing CC as syslog server on NetScaler Instances. With this, all the new SDX NS instances will have CC as syslog server and will automatically start sending all the syslog data to Command Center.

Simplified Alarm Management:

When an administrator comes to Command Center console, they check their alarms to ensure all the critical ones are attended to. Once this is done, they would like to clear them off and would prefer to not see the     old alarms again. To cater to this need, we have introduced a simple way to clear and delete alarms of certain severity in only 4 clicks!

  • Right click the device
  • Click Clear/Delete Alarms.
  • Select the Severity Levels
  • Click Ok

Now that you have had a quick preview of what Command Center 5.2 Beta brings to the table. Please feel free to SignUp & Download at the given link and share feedback at the next link.

Sign Up & Download: Citrix Command Center 5.2 Beta

Share Feedback: Command Center 5.2 Beta Feedback Page

Drop a Query: For any queries & issues, feel free to drop a mail at neha.harit2@citrix.com