Hybrid clouds are a hot topic these days – businesses are growing their adoption of private and public clouds, and Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of the main-stream enterprises will have a hybrid cloud strategy. For many businesses, public clouds are an interesting option for the ability to shift CapEx to OpEx and grow capacity on demand.   However, one of the challenges with moving workloads to public clouds is bandwidth.

While high-speed connections are common on-premise, bandwidth across clouds can generally be more limited and expensive.  Many cloud providers charge for bandwidth, and businesses need to consider the bandwidth requirements of the apps they wish to migrate.

Of course, cloud providers like NTT Communications are starting to change this.  NTT, whose cloud runs on Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack, is launching its North American cloud with Verio – and is offering free bandwidth to its users.  Now businesses have one more great reason to adopt clouds!