Its that time of the year where we all worry about Provisioning Services (PVS) and Daylight Savings Time (DST).  PVS has been susceptible to the time change since its inception.  In the past cases where either GPO’s fail to apply or refresh and Machine Account Passwords (MAP) become corrupt due to time skew have been widely reported.  As long as a running Target Device, assuming its in standard image mode, has been able to sync its time against a reliable source, just after DST but prior to MAP or GPO processing then we are expected to continue running smoothly.  This still requires some vDisk maintenance to keep things in order down the road because a reboot by the Target Device results in a Target with an hour difference from that of the PVS Server who has accounted for DST and is not bound to standard image, read-only mode.

Please plan accordingly this weekend, be prepared to make the required changes to all vDisk running security or business impacting applications or functions.  You can refer to the steps to resolution in the following article related to one of the few known issues with regard to DST and time change in general.  Good luck……..

You can also refer to the Citrix eDocs on how to use “maintenance mode” to make your changes:

**Not all KB’s may be fully updated but please note that the KB CTX123336 refers to all versions of PVS currently supported.**