I am not a coffee drinker but I hear enough of my friends order coffee such as caramel Macchiato with hint of mint or Sugar-free Vanilla Coffee Latte with a little bit of light cream. 🙂

Similarly, NetScaler have many different options to do many capabilities from security to high availability, visibility and so forth. For this specific blog, there are options to customized error pages to be more flexible.  This is helpful to customers if they see the error page with more details and it will also help tech support or HelpDesk with better messages for troubleshooting purposes.

Here are some examples of customized error pages that can return the following data:

Transaction ID – ${NS_TRANSACTION_ID}: The transaction ID which application firewall assigned to this transaction.

Session ID – ${NS_APPFW_SESSION_ID}: The application firewall session ID.

Violation Category – ${NS_APPFW_VIOLATION_CATEGORY}: The specific application firewall security check or rule that was violated.

Violation Log – ${NS_APPFW_VIOLATION_LOG}: The detailed error message associated with the violation.

Session Cookie – ${COOKIE(“<CookieName>”)}: The contents of the specified cookie. For <CookieName>, substitute the name of the specific cookie that you want to display on the error page.

Here is the link for more details of configurations that are available.

Another one similar to above capability is how to configure Policy Infrastructure Expressions in Customized Error Page for NetScaler AppFW.

NetScaler Policy Infrastructure (PI) compound expressions can be used in a custom error page such as ${PI_EXPRESSION}, where allowed expressions should have properties only from REQUEST flow (HTTP request, TCP, IP, VLAN, ETHER).  The PI expression involving the HTTP request body, HTTP response header, and HTTP response body cannot be configured. The PI expression used in the custom HTML error page cannot be a Boolean expression. Examples include:




Here is the link for more details with captures.

Explore the different options and will share more soon on other NetScaler capabilities that you might not know about.  And if you have other items that you want us to provide more in detail feel free to suggest here in the comments.