With a newly designed format,  Citrix Summit was decoupled from Synergy to deliver a “better together” approach that enables partners and sales teams to jointly receive executive insight and strategic guidance first hand from senior Citrix leadership, as well as align goals and objectives for the new year. As a result, partners gained a clearer understanding of Citrix products, solutions and sales goals at the beginning of the annual sales cycle, enabling them to drive business growth, profitability and success.

With Synergy following Summit by half a year, partners have gained a second opportunity to enhance their expertise and skills and benefit from a timely refresh of their knowledge with new business and technical information. Because Synergy brings together end customers and partners, this conference also provides a shared experience that can drive deeper, more meaningful and more action-oriented customer conversations. These interactions are enriched by sales training and insights provided at Summit.

In addition, partners will hear from and engage with influential Citrix executives, architects, consultants, product experts, Citrix Technical Professionals and a variety of presenters, from customers to analysts to IT vendors. Partners who will benefit the most by attending Synergy are business and IT leaders seeking technology-based business solutions that empower people with new ways to work. Partners are encouraged to invite and accompany their customers and prospects to Synergy.

Synergy 2014 will be held May 6 – 8 in Los Angeles. More detailed event information is available at www.citrixsynergy.com