I was really pleased to see that in the last few days Fujitsu have joined the ranks of the OEMs certifying their hardware for Citrix GPU based technologies, with their servers listed alongside those from IBM, Cisco, Dell, SuperMicro, HP and others.

Citrix and Fujitsu have certified two of their leading-edge graphics servers for use with NVIDIA GRID cards for both GPU passthrough and vGPU, GPU sharing, so do look at the:

To confirm your server is supported for use with XenServer you should check the XenServer Hardware Compatibility List, here. Fujitsu’s servers join others on the specific lists for GPU pass-through (here) and NVIDIA vGPU (here).

I recently wrote a blog explaining the processed of testing and certification between Citrix, Server manufacturers and GPU vendors. At the moment those of us involved in certification at Citrix and also several OEMs are playing catch up with the huge wave of demand for technologies such as vGPU enabling remote graphics and as such some server+GPU card combinations are in the queue. The testing and certification process is not a trivial one, including stress tests across a number of operating systems and as such there are gaps we are hoping to fill on the HCL very soon.

The other server vendors have also been busy with a new Dell reference architecture out for XenDesktop last week, that I’m sure we’ll be hearing about over the coming weeks.  This includes a general purpose Reference Architecture based on XD 7.1 as well as a graphics RA utilizing NVIDIA GRID and XenServer 6.2 SP1 taking full advantage of vGPU capabilities.

  1. General Purpose RA (Dell-Citrix RA including R720 as well as storage and networking options)
  2. Graphics RA (Dell-Citrix graphics RA detailing the different options available)

Vendors such as Supermicro have also been busy with a number of new servers certified for GPU use with Citrix XenServer over the last few weeks. Supermicro are probably ramping up their preparations for the forthcoming NVIDIA GTC show where I expect we will see them alongside other sponsoring OEMs demoing some really exciting kit.

For those of you looking to benchmark vGPU against GPU technologies from VMware and Microsoft you might also like to investigate their support for these servers and GPUS. Plus this overview of the different architectures.

List of supported GPUs (AMD and NVIDIA):

VMware: Hardware and software requirements for running AMD and NVIDIA GPUs in vSphere 5.5

Microsoft: GPU Requirements for RemoteFX on Windows Server 2012 R2

Citrix: GPU Pass-Through HCL   and    Virtual GPU HCL