My goal today is to get this blog/picture to become the most retweeted tweet of all time!  We can do it!

So this past Sunday we witnessed the “Selfie” being taken to another level.  How many of you watched the Oscars?  Come on now, you can be honest.  I must say that this was by far the best of the best, and the host, Ellen DeGeneres received a 10 out 10 rating in my book!  You know Samsung is super thrilled (Sorry Apple) after receiving additional marketing plugs outside of paying the $20M (USD) in ad campaigns that ran throughout the commercials.  I am sure Ellen will certainly be receiving a call from the head executives from Samsung thanking her for the “Selfie” that featured Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, and  many more stars.

What was more fascinating is Ellen did something that has never been done in the past, and that was to pretty much take down twitter with the following tweet:

As of 8:08am (PST), this tweet was retweeted 3,139,056 times. Wait, Whaaaaaattttt?!?!? This tweet literally took down the twitter courtesy of Ellen’s “selfie”, and the Academy! At 10:17pm on March 2, this was what happened:

Pretty amazing to see that (1) tweet could be retweeted over 3M times within 24 hours!

I’m not going to pitch you product here because you already know what #NetScaler is capable of.  I’ll save that for my next post!  🙂

This post is the start of a “Techie Selfie” featuring #NetScaler, and other #Citrix products.

So here it goes……This is the first “techie selfie” of #NetScaler.

Send us your “Techie Selfie” to @Citrix @NetScaler with #TechieSelfie, and you could be featured in one of upcoming campaigns in 2014!  Let’s try this – We’ll let the @Citrix community vote on the best “Techie Selfie.”  Make sure to include a picture of yourself with an @NetScaler appliance!  Maybe we’ll announce it at Synergy in LA, and have a few cool gifts we can give away!  What do you think?

I am going to be the first to tweet this out. Woo Hoo I’m at 1 retweet with only 3,139.055 more to go before breaking Ellen’s record!  Ellen if you are reading this, I would like a personal invite as a guest on your daily show once we surpass your record!  That includes dinner too!  🙂

Peace out!