I am pleased to announce our new Trends and Innovation site on Citrix.com. This new site features research, blogs, and experiments from our innovation teams at Citrix.  Over the coming months we will share learnings on a diverse range of topics, including the Internet of Things, the Future of Work, evolution of Desktop and App Virtualization, and Cloud Networking. 

So why are we launching this site? 

I am just coming off a round the world trip, meeting with all our Product teams, in a  multi-site event we call Connect. At Connect, we share engineering best practices, meet new people, and exchange ideas. In the age of Mobile Work styles, where phone conferences, and remote meetings are the norm, I still believe in the importance of meeting people in the flesh. A highlight of Connect is Tech Fair. Tech Fair is a whole-day session, where teams showcase their excellence in Engineering and their new Innovation ideas. The goal is to inspire one another and surface new ideas. It was amazing to watch the interactions between teams at Tech Fair. 

This brings me to my point. Innovation, more and more, is a social activity. It occurs at the edges between teams, when people collide in unexpected places, to spark new ideas. In the CTO Office, we call this effect ‘surprising combinations’.  At Citrix, we encourage our employees to share their ideas in this way, rather than innovating in secret.  Trends and Innovation is about sharing, and we hope these ideas and insights collide with yours to create new surprises.

 I am sure you will enjoy this new site.

Yours Sincerely,
Martin Duursma