In an earlier blog, my colleague, Kailas Jawadekar, talked about how Citrix is advancing the IT-as-a-Service vision with CloudPortal Business Manager 2.2 release. In this blog, we will further explore the integration between CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) and CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM) and how together they enable service providers to deliver hosted desktops, apps and Exchange services to their customers in addition to IaaS and other cloud services.

Why use the two CloudPortals together?

CloudPortal Services Manager is a rich provisioning platform for service providers to deliver hosted Microsoft and Citrix services. CloudPortal Business Manager provides comprehensive business management capabilities including self-service customer onboarding and service enablement, subscription and utility-based billing, invoicing, pricing (in multiple currencies and specific to selling channels), product bundles and price promotions, and integration with 3rd party systems for helpdesk, payment gateway and fraud control features. CloudPortal Business Manager can be used to deliver any cloud services including IaaS (based on Citrix CloudPlatform or 3rd party cloud orchestration software), PaaS and SaaS.

CloudPortal Business Manager and CloudPortal Services Manager Integration

How does the integration work?

The integration is provided through a CloudPortal Business Manager connector for CloudPortal Services Manager. Following are key features of the connector:

  • Supports Hosted Apps and Desktops & Hosted Exchange services
  • Provides billing of services consumed
  • Enables customer admin self-service for creation of account and provisioning of services
  • Enables customer admin to single sign-on to CloudPortal Services Manager from CloudPortal Business Manager

The integration requires CloudPortal Business Manager 2.2 and CloudPortal Services Manager 11.0.1. The connector is automatically installed during the installation of CloudPortal Business Manager. The following is an example flow diagram showing how service providers can deliver services to their customers leveraging the integration. The connector automates the customer account, customer admin creation, as well as service enablement traditionally performed by the service provider. It also collects usage information from CloudPortal Services Manager and provides that back to CloudPortal Business Manager to generate billing.

CloudPortal Business Manager and CloudPortal Services Manager Integration Example Flow

Where service providers sell services through resellers, they can create resellers in CloudPortal Services Manager and then map them to channels in CloudPortal Business Manager.

Want to learn more?

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