DesktopPlayer for Mac – Manage Windows Desktops on Macs
Citrix announced the availability of DesktopPlayer for Mac on January 9. This client virtualization solution extends the benefits of Citrix XenDesktop to mobile MacBook users, enabling them to run Windows desktops on a Mac whether they are online, offline or even experiencing a slow or intermittent network connection.

Using DesktopPlayer with XenDesktop enables users to switch between local and hosted virtual desktops with ongoing synchronization of personal profiles and data. This allows users to work on their MacBook laptop, then seamlessly switch to any other device to access their cloud-hosted virtual desktop. End users gain freedom to work anywhere, independent of network conditions, and IT gains control with the ability to centrally manage Windows virtual desktops delivered to either corporate or bring-your-own (BYO) MacBook laptops.

DesktopPlayer is a XenDesktop add-on that gives users the ability to work on their Windows virtual desktops in any network scenario — including low-quality connections and congested WiFi hotspots, and even when no connection is available.

To learn more about DesktopPlayer for Mac, download it, read the press release and blog announcement, and get more information about it on the product website.

For sales and marketing resources on DesktopPlayer, please see the DesktopPlayer sales kit.

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