Last week was pretty busy with Citrix’s participation at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. This is one of the largest events worldwide and would not be wrong to say that 100s of Indian marriages were happening at same place and same time 🙂

Now you have an idea about the crowd and kiosks one had to go through every day. Great thing about this event is that everyone is here and customer/partner meetings which take weeks to schedule can happen here in matter of hours. If you plan well, there is unending opportunity to meet with people and prospects. There were several announcements and new product launches at the event and there was business for everyone. From Citrix’s perspective there was lots to do from every product line. What stood out was the interest and discussion around XenMobile, NFV Architecture, Big Data Analytic and NetScaler for Telco.

Needless to say that everyone is focusing business objectives in and around Mobility as a theme today and every Enterprise has this opportunity and challenge to work with. While employees connect from Mobile devices for work, key concerns were around communication security, data security, and device security. Beyond security it was all about being able to manage devices and remote distribution of Apps and ensuring enterprise Data is not exposed. Our announcement around support for Intel Device Protection Technology for Android OS on Intel based mobile devices was received well. There were several players in this business segment and Citrix’s presence was certainly strong and felt.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) was probably the most discussed subject as every company building products for Telco/Mobile operators is looking at qualifying their product with NFV based architecture and design. Every single Mobile/Telco operator has also felt the need and is focused towards changing the core infrastructure and up leveling it to Cloud with help of virtualization. Citrix’s core capabilities around CloudPlatform and XenServer help build the baseline for NFV and on top ByteMobile and NetScaler adds to the service level value. We had pretty good demo around the proposed architecture and was well received.

Big Data Analytic launch from Citrix with ByteMobile Insight product was a big hit as every operator today wants Insight into the usage data, user information, location details and other customer relationship data. This data helps operators monetize and bring new services for 3rd parties who depend on this type of information. ByteMobile solution is widely deployed in over 140 operators around the world and providing the Insight with big data analytic solution adds further value to those deployments.

NetScaler for Telco along with NetScaler Service Delivery platform was pretty hot for operators and companies working on NFV architecture. From Telco/operator perspective newly added Traffic Management features in NetScaler were in demand and people were looking out for better traffic management solution in various legs of Telco network like IMS, Diameter, DNS and several other Control/Data/Application plane technologies. NetScaler Service Delivery platform was the right fit into NFV architecture as the ability to run multiple VPXs and 3rd party services had clear value. NetScaler’s architectural lead into VPX and SDX platform has clear advantages for NFV architecture as compared to other available solutions.

There is a lot more here but let me summarize some of the highlights/announcements of this show which relates to what we do in some ways:

–          Microsoft opened up their positioning on Windows phone devices for new vendors

–          Firefox OS for Mobile was in top talks as 3rd viable Mobile OS alternative with 25$ phone

–          Subscriber context data exchange between operators could be as big as $44B annually

–          Software based Mobile networks (NFV) as to help accommodate explosive growth

–          Telefonica launched project UNICA for group wide NFV implementation

–          Huawei’s SoftCOM strategy combines Cloud Computing, SDN, NFV and Internet Services

–          Alcatel-Lucent and Intel team up on NFV to deliver software based network architectures

–          MobiVirtu demoed CloudPhone virtual SIM technology to call over WiFi with Mobile number

–          Orange launched own-branded phone for 4G focused market and services

–          Airwatch launched secure content collaboration app for Enterprise

–          Procera offers further Insight and ability to take action on Quality of Experience

–          WhatsApp announced Voice service in addition to the messaging application

–          Nokia will launch variety of Smartphone based on variant of Android OS with MSFT services

–          Mobile connect becomes the first Mobile Identity initiative based on OpenID Connect

–          WebRTC technology gaining momentum and multiple players launched services

–          Dropbox plans to offer its Cloud Storage service as part of operator data plan

–          Intel made McAfee mobile security software for Android devices available for free

–          BlackBery is launching 2 new smartphones based on its alliance with Foxconn

–          Turkcell launched Smart Map to help Enterprise design marketing and campaign

–          Samsung launched Galaxy S5, keeping it simple and focusing on consumer needs

–          Huawei and Vodafone demoed 500 Mb/s single user speed on LTE-Advanced

–          MasterCard bought C-SAM for Mobile Wallet expertise and services

So many announcements were made from different vendors that multiple blogs will also be less to cover everything. Overall a great show bringing every single Telco/Mobile/technology vendor on same stage.