In today’s fast paced world there’s one constant you can be sure of – change happens. Around the globe, enterprise datacenters are evolving to enterprise clouds. A transformational shift that, in turn, brings a number of pain points for organizations, or as I like to think of it, conversations yet to be held.

Now I’ll be perfectly frank, I’m no networking guru, nor do I profess to be. But, in the realms of my marketing role and moreover my partner marketing role,  of course I find myself thinking about what is it that’s top of mind for enterprises and IT managers alike when we talk about this big world of “networking”? What are those pain points –  in laymans terms  – that can spark conversations and ignite that demand engine?

Well, in my quest to uncover these answers there’s one thing that’s blatantly apparent.  Citrix NetScaler rocks. I mean that literally. With it’s own trending hashtag it seems everyone’s talking about it – with some 2325** followers on Twitter at the last count, and rising, it’s clear that there is plenty to be talking about. NetScaler is the solution of choice to optimize, secure and control delivery of enterprise apps and cloud services. If you’re looking for a sneak peek, I highly recommend giving this video a view – featuring Brian Madden (from and our director of product management, Steve Shah. It gives some great insight into NetScaler, SDN and the virtualization of networking in the datacenter.  But, in getting back to the original question, what is it that IT managers are (or should be) considering as they re-evaluate their networking strategy and infrastructure, ready to embrace this transformation to the cloud with open arms……what are their top careabouts? Here’s what I discovered:

  • Application availability is crucial: Businesses run on applications and are dependent on those applications being available at all times. Application downtime directly affects business profitability. Not an option in today’s businesses.
  • Increasing demands for performance: Poor application performance is the number one cited reason for low application adoption. If an application is slow, users simply wont use it.
  • Increased infrastructure load: Increased loads on the existing datacenter and network infrastructure occur as more and more applications are delivered over the network, and as applications become more complex. Scalability now becomes a significant concern.
  • Security is critical: IT organizations need to adopt a multi-layered security approach in order to protect transitions and sensitive information transported over the web, including deploying network and application firewalls and WPNs. This is a must to ensure secure remote access.
  • Scalability: As IT managers transform their traditional datacenters into enterprise clouds, they need real solutions that scale performance on-demand for cloud-like elasticity, expandable capacity to seamlessly meet application traffic growth and consolidation of core network capabilities like load balancing, security and acceleration for all datacenter applications into a single platform. In short, this is preparing for tomorrow, today.
  • Cloud readiness: The corporate IT world is, without doubt, evolving at lightning speed into the cloud computing era.  With this evolution comes the growing need to transform the traditional corporate datacenter into an enterprise cloud. And guess what – NetScaler is the world’s most advanced cloud network platform for app, desktop and data delivery service that can take them there.

Now it’s time to get talking…..

Alright – so those are the pain points  Citrix NetScaler is uniquely positioned to address. Here’s the great news…..We have just the materials to help get your conversations started today!

There’s definitely no shortage of materials when it comes to NetScaler marketing – in fact, theres a ton of campaigns available from emails and landing pages to webinars or seminars, even copy blocks to use with your social media campaigns. All of these come packed with a number of resources and offers to use as calls to action for your customers. You name it, Citrix Marketing Concierge(CMC) has what you need to jump in, address those common challenges and start pipeline building conversations. Here’s a look at what’s current for Networking:

1 – Secure virtual desktop infrastructures with Citrix NetScaler

Provide fail-safe network and application security for XenApp and XenDesktop customers with NetScaler. Deliver a seamless and robust set of network layer security, application layer security and advance access capabilities. Search for me in CMC using keyword  “ironclad security”.

2 – End to end visibility with NetScaler Insight Center

As the enormity of data in the datacenter grows, IT managers face the challenge of collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data passing through. NetScaler Insight Center provides a single window to all applications and desktops in the datacenter, exploiting the native intelligence residing in ADCs, helping IT teams identify business trends and determine real-time traffic conditions. The result? A network wide data platform offering unprecedented visibility and real-time insight to traffic within the datacenter. Search for me in CMC using keyword “visibility”.

3 – Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for ADCs

Citrix is positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers for the seventh consecutive year: the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report focuses on vendor’s ability to solve complex application deployment challenges. The report highlights how NetScaler ADC solutions feature the innovative TriScale technology, which delivers elasticity, simplicity and expandability. This enables organizations of all sizes to efficiently scale their datacenter networks up, in and out to deliver apps, desktops and data to any user, on any device, over any network. Search for me in CMC using keywords “magic quadrant”.

4 – Why Citrix is winning in the datacenter

3rd party insights rock. Use this campaign to arm customers with insight from industry analysts, IT professionals and Citrix experts about the features that make NetScaler the only ADC prepared to meet the demands of today’s network infrastructures. Solve the ADC market share riddle with this campaign, featuring a special report from Network World. Search for me in CMC using keyword  “riddle”.

5 – Webinar-in-a-Box. NetScaler powering XenDesktop

Customer references can play a pivotal role in your marketing toolkit by providing much-needed peer validation that many buyers rely on in their search and selection process. This campaign features a Citrix customer endorsement from Sharks Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of the San Jose Sharks where they discuss how implementing their Citrix Virtualization solution effectively empowered mobility – and beyond!

Search for me in CMC using keyword “sharks”.

6 – Seminar-in-a-Box. Why Citrix NetScaler?

Citrix NetScaler is the superior option of choice when optimizing XenApp and XenDesktop environments.  Give your customers a clear understanding of the differentiated benefits Citrix NetScaler delivers, including best end user experience,  end-to-end visibility, enhanced security and unparalleled support from a single vendor. Search for me in CMC using keywords “why netscaler”.

And, there’s more!

That’s right, believe it or not there’s also a number of resources via Citrix Syndication that you can use today. Remember, linking your campaigns with relevant content hosted on your website not only provides customers with more timely information but it can also help drive even more leads. For example, encourage customers to learn more about Citrix TriScale Technology, NetScaler product features or even how NetScaler helps address key concerns with load balancing. All of this content is available today through Citrix Syndication.

To find out more information about these free programs,  Citrix Marketing Concierge and Citrix Syndication, and to access materials, visit today and select “Marketing Programs”.

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