Citrix NetScaler is the perfect application delivery solution for your Microsoft applications. With NetScaler, you ensure applications like SharePoint and Exchange are always available, accessible and give end-users the best performance. NetScaler easily fits into your Microsoft infrastructure with configuration templates for key Microsoft applications, built-in Microsoft System Center integration and your choice of physical or virtual appliances.

Easy setup and flexible deployment

Microsoft System Center integration, configuration wizards and application templates, and availability as a virtual appliance make fitting NetScaler into your Microsoft infrastructure easy.

Microsoft System Center integration

Integration with Microsoft Systems Center lets you monitor NetScaler using the same tools used to monitor the applications themselves. Using the NetScaler SCOM Management Pack you can discover NetScaler appliances, display the visibility status of the appliances, get alerted on events, and perform reporting on performance characteristics of the NetScaler. The PRO-Enabled Management pack takes this a step further by providing monitors and rules for monitoring the health of the servers and initiating corrective actions using Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) feature of SCVMM when the servers become unhealthy.

Easy setup

Set-up wizards and NetScaler AppExpert templates make configuring NetScaler easy. AppExpert templates provide pre-configured policies for advanced optimizations like caching and compression, and are extensible. You can modify existing templates and save the changes, making it easy to replicate your exact configurations.

Deployment flexibility

NetScaler MPX physical appliances and NetScaler VPX virtual appliances offer the same functionality. This gives you the flexibility to deploy NetScaler as a device running in the network, or as a virtual machine running on the hypervisor of your choice.

Integrated application delivery

NetScaler integrates load balancing, security and web application acceleration into a single solution.

Load balancing

Apps like SharePoint and Exchange have outpaced software and OS-based load balancing functionality. NetScaler provides advanced functionality like multiple persistence mechanisms, NATd load balancing, Active Sync load balancing and user pre-authentication.


NetScaler web application firewall protects SharePoint and .NET websites from attacks, and an integrated SSL VPN provides users secure remote access.

Application acceleration

NetScaler acceleration optimizations make applications like SharePoint sites and Outlook Web Access run up to 5x faster. Each page is dynamically optimized for the capabilities of the browser. This reduces HTTP requests and page size, providing optimum page load efficiency.

Additional resources

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