ShareFile StorageZones on Windows Azure enables customers to store ShareFile data in a number of Azure datacenter locations around the world, with full control over the security of the files.

ShareFile StorageZones offers IT the flexibility to store data in secure, Citrix-managed clouds in multiple worldwide locations, or on premise within their own datacenters. Now, the new StorageZones on Windows Azure also allows customers to store data in Microsoft-hosted datacenters.

With Windows Azure, IT teams can place data in geographic locations that are closer to users to improve performance. With ShareFile on Azure, we extend our worldwide datacenter locations from 8 to 14. This provides new choices for our customers to help them meet performance, data compliance, cost and platform requirements.

We are pleased to announce that with the release of ShareFile StorageZones Controller 2.2, this solution is now generally available. Citrix partners can now sell ShareFile to Microsoft Azure customers. ShareFile is a great way to help your customers consume their Microsoft Azure storage entitlements.

To learn more about this solution, watch the demo, read the technical brief or contact us Stay tuned for additional information on this solution.

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