Calling all Citrix customers…

Today, we are piloting a 1-day 1 week only customer feedback prototype called “Storyteller Friday February.”  My promise is that your story will be heard by key decision makers in Citrix and will influence the future of Citrix.  We want to hear directly from our customers about your experience with Citrix.  We are looking for submissions in video format but rest assured that production quality is definitely not a requirement.  These videos will only be used internally within Citrix to better understand your experience.  Our goal is to deeply understand what it feels like as you progress along your journey with us. We are looking for emotions in addition to the operational highs and lows.  And, not only your journey with Citrix, but more importantly, the larger journey that led to your partnership with Citrix in the first place.  Videos should be 3-5 minutes max.

Today only, please upload your videos via ShareFile using the following link:

Gifts will be electronically sent to 15 randomly selected participants tomorrow (for those who submitted today) and at the end of the month.

We are listening and can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks in advance,