Today’s modern workforce reality presents a real opportunity for organizations to bridge that gap between productivity and work life harmony. Lets face it, long-gone gone are the days of a standard 9-5. Instead, people are working on average 8.8 hours a day*, balancing that in harmony with the morning school run, gym, travel, caring for others and (last but certainly not least) that all important re-charge on a nightly basis. And how are they doing this? By combining innovative technologies such as desktop virtualization and cloud applications, together with smart devices that allow employees to, well, work smart.

Recent statistics show from 2005 to 2012, telecommuting increased by nearly 80%, with 1 in 5 Americans working from home at least once a week. A quick trip across the atlantic and the Institute of Leadership and Management reports 94% of UK organizations now offer staff some form of flexible working.

Now this may come as no surprise, afterall topics such as – BYOD and desktop virtualization have been hot for a number of years now, as has flexible working.  Virgin Entrepreneur recently launched a series of writer and guest-contributed blogs – The rise of flexible working, proving that this trend is no myth, to the contrary – the ability to work on a flexible schedule remains a key influencing factor for many employees when considering prospective employers.

So what are the implications to organizations and IT departments alike in accommodating these unique and varying needs of the evolving workplace? It can seem a complex task. IT needs to align with corporate budgets and priorities while at the same time securely providing the right desktops that empower employees to remain productive with the job in hand. When it comes to desktop virtualization, rarely is there a one-size-fits-all solution.

Whether the priority is to mobilize Windows apps, modernize approaches to desktop refreshes or enable self-service apps and desktops on BYO laptops and tablets, Citrix XenDesktop with FlexCast provides unprecedented flexibility to address key use cases first, allowing for additional use cases as needs – and budgets – evolve. And the net advantage? IT reaps the full benefits of security and centralization whole cost-effectively delivering the right kind of virtual desktop experience to each user – all through a single solution.

Think you know the top use cases for desktop virtualization?

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  • Virtualizing 3D Professional Graphics

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Take a look at these on-topic infographics recently launched and available now, including Workplace of the Future and Top Use Cases for Desktop Virtualization. Additional resources include the Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Work Shifting and a new page featuring multiple use cases for desktop virtualization in todays’ evolving world.

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 *Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics