Last week I blogged about a must see webinar from remote CAD and XenDesktop expert, Thomas Popplegaard did with with fellow CTP Trond Eirik Håvarstein from Thomas has now posted a recording so anyone who missed it can catch-up.

The special surprise guest was….

…Jeroen Van De Kamp CTP and CTO of LoginVSI, who revealed a special piece of industry news….

“LoginVSI upcoming new version supports GPU benchmarking”

…LoginVSI is working on next version that will support benchmark, capacity planning, stress testing the “missing component in virtualization” GPU. If you are interested you can write to get access to the beta version of LoginVSI…  if you want to get more info on the next version of LoginVSI that supports GPU, write to subject GFX”.

Both NVIDIA and Citrix have invested a lot of results in hardening these technologies and automating our test systems to be able to run 24-7, but it’s very likely the new LoginVSI product will offer end-users the opportunity to evaluate their own systems further. Lots of us on the team on the Citrix-NVIDIA GRID vGPU features (available for XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro on XenServer) have been blogging about our experiences benchmarking GPU technologies and we can’t wait to add our experiences with this new product to our recent blogs and articles which include:

For the full story on LoginVSI and GPUs is available, here, along with the recording of the webinar.