Hello and welcome to the North American Provisioning Services Escalation team blog.  I would like to start by introducing myself.  My name is Keith McLaughlin and I have been working on the PVS Escalation team for six years. 

This blog will be maintained by the PVS Escalation Team in North America and will cover a variety of PVS related topics. Each member of the PVS Escalation team will be contributing to this blog offering insights on the PVS technologies, troubleshooting methodology, case reviews, as well as announcements on the latest hotfixes and knowledge base articles. 

 Please feel free to add suggestions for future posts in the comments sections of this post.   For now I will leave you with a reminder.  PVS 5.6 is going end of life this May so if you haven’t already you are going to want to start putting together an upgrade strategy asap.

 You can find the full lifecycle matrix of Citrix Products here.

 Details about upgrading to 6.1 can be found here.

 Details about upgrading to 7.1 can be found here.

 Alternatively you can engage Citrix Consulting Services for assistance with your upgrade.