A couple of days ago I saw this new video blog from Alexander Ervik Johnsen, a CTP (Citrix Technology Professional) that I re-tweeted with one word “Awesome!”…..

Last month, Citrix held our partner and profession conference SUMMIT in Orlando, Florida, US. Ervik took the opportunity to test out Citrix-NVIDIA GRID vGPU to deliver a Windows desktop via XenDesktop from his home datacenter in Europe to his hotel in Florida via their regular wifi.

This demo shows just what is possible

  • Alexander’s data stayed in his datacenter, what could have been proprietary commercially valuable designs never left his own servers Europe
  • Alexander viewed fairly complex architectural models several thousands of miles away out of an office environment, he could have been an architect on the site of the potential building
  • He did it over hotel wifi!!! HE DID IT ON HOTEL WIFI!!!…. The type of infrastructure that frequently struggles to give me twitter access!

Alexander demonstrated the use of Solibri model checker. Solibri Model Checker is a Quality Assurance solution for BIM validation, compliance control, design review, analysis and code checking. I’ve previously blogged on why I think vGPU and Citrix is a really good match for AEC/BIM (architectural, building and construction) applications like Solibri and Citrix certified Bentley Micro Systems and Autodesk. Sharing GPUs to allow mobility off site makes a lot of sense for these industries.

The connection was made over a hotel WIFI at the Hyatt Regency Orlando(Florida) to the demo center located in Oslo, Norway. Average latency was 141 ms and Jitter of 1 ms. We are working on integrating our recent technology acquisition FrameHawk into our XenDesktop and HDX Pro stack to eliminate jitter and take these solutions even further! Exciting times!

Alexander Ervik Johnsen is a Blogger, Senior Solution Architect, Technology Evangelist, Author and Speaker, based in Oslo – Norway. Alexander has been working with Microsoft and Citrix products since 1997 as a system administrator, consultant, and senior consultant. He now works as a pre-sales for the Citrix VAD Reseller, ArrowECS in Norway as a Product Manager Citrix / Senior Solution Architect. He primarily works as a pre-sale and travel around Norway evangelizing Citrix, Cloud, Virtualization, Thin clients and 3 party solutions.

In 2012, www.ervik.as got a redesign, and with some new features like a Virtualization Community, focused on bringing industry people together in one community.
Ervik.as are all about being Social, and there is a community inside of Ervik.as, so that the users can collaborate with others, find answers, post questions, track events, share videos and much much more!

In previous jobs he worked with both small and large scale Citrix and Application Delivery implementations, both in Norway and Europe.
Alexander is also a speaker, speaking at both Norwegian events such as Citrix User Group Norway , Arrow Inspiration Day and Roadshows across Norway. Alexander has also been speaking at Citrix Synergy events both in the United States of America and Europe.  Alexander is also the author of The GiDWiM Guide, an in depth analysis of Application Packaging,Application Streaming and Distribution. Download it from www.ervik.as

In May 2008, he was awarded Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), which is a true honor for him, since Citrix, Cloud, Virtualization and Application Delivery is his big passion in this industry.
Here is his CTP Awardee page.