The Virtual Desktop Handbook is an architect’s guide to desktop virtualization. It provides you with the methodology, experience and best practices you need to successfully design your own desktop virtualization solution.

Since its launch in February 2013, the Virtual Desktop Handbook has become one of the most popular articles on with more than 55,000 downloads. However, we recognize that the handbook can be difficult to navigate due to the sheer volume of information available:

  • 151 pages
  • 52,197 words
  • 109 key design decisions

To address this complexity, Ryan Flowers from the Worldwide Consulting team has been working on a fresh and vibrant new look for the Virtual Desktop Handbook which offers the following benefits:

Aspect Ratio

The new handbook uses a 4:3 aspect ratio which makes it easy to read on an iPad.

Improved Navigation

You can easily jump to a different section using the tabs on the left hand side of the handbook. In addition, each section now has its own index so that you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

New Diagrams

Many of the diagrams have been updated to better explain features and concepts. Some of the diagrams also contain links which will take you to a different section of the handbook or a website.


On the last page of the handbook is a feedback link which allows you to rate the handbook and suggest improvements. Feedback will go straight to the Worldwide Consulting Desktop & Apps Team Podio site.

The Virtual Desktop Handbook is not the only resource to guide you through your desktop virtualization journey. Citrix also provides Project Accelerator; an interactive online tool creating customized sizing and design recommendations based on the methodology, best practices and expert advice identified within this handbook.

You can still reach the XenDesktop.5 handbook using the old URL –  CTX136546

Andy Baker – Architect
Worldwide Consulting
Desktop & Apps Team
Virtual Desktop Handbook
Project Accelerator