When it comes to blogging, do you suffer from blank page syndrome? Do you find yourself looking for inspiration on a daily basis? Look no further – we have just the thing for you. Download your free copy of the “Top 50 Blog Ideas for B2B” by Kathryn Rose, award winning author and East Coast Sales Director at The Channel Company.

Kathryn recently joined me at Citrix Summit to jointly deliver the marketing session “Exponentially grow your pipeline with social and traditional marketing”. The feedback we received from this session was fantastic and it certainly seems our partners are looking for additional resources to add to the mix and fuel their organizations’ marketing strategies. So, with marketing enablement such a hot topic right now we designed this eBook to help you with some simple, quick tactics you can deploy right away.

Here are my top 5 personal favorite tips – what will yours be?!

  • Favorite tip #1 Make a list! It’s true – people love lists. Much like I’ve done with my blog today, a list is a great way to get your message out there in a punchy, eye-catching fashion. In a world where we’re all scrambling for time and that all important mindshare, why not make it easy for your readers to understand what they stand to gain from reading your blog (over someone else’s!).
  • Favorite tip #2 Make a list of links to relevant information. Why? As part of your inbound marketing efforts, attracting strangers and converting to leads – providing and sharing information that is of value to others not only helps you gain credibility and establish your position as a thought leader, but it also helps build trust and relationships with your audience.
  • Favorite tip #3 Write a multi-part blog series. What a great idea for a technical or in-depth topic. The old adage less is more can indeed be true, however, what if your topic is ever-evolving or requires some real stage setting to get you started?  A mini “series” gives you the opportunity to tailor your content and build a loyal following. Plus, at the end – you could re-purpose your content for your own eBook!
  • Favorite tip #4 Give Google what it wants. When it comes to your content being read, it’s all about being found and standing out from the crowd – so, your title IS important. Don’t forget to plug in those all important keywords your audience and readers are likely to be searching for.
  • Favorite tip #5 Share a highlight. Had a recent success story or just reached a major milestone? Why not shout about it and share it with your audience! Remember, not every success story has to be about a win. Maybe your company just celebrated a special anniversary – we at Citrix just did, and are proud to be celebrating 25 years of imagination, innovation and growth.  Check out the video.

Download your copy of the “Top 50 Blog Ideas for B2B” today.

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