Lee Bushen with son Steve

Tues 12th Feb. 2014 EMEA (3pm CET, 2pm GMT) and Wed. 13th Feb 2014 US(1PM EST) – XenServer MasterClasses featuring NVIDIA vGPU GRID graphics acceleration and NetApp Storage optimisation and GUI configuration for Citrix. Should be of interest to XenServer and XenDesktop users as well as those looking to virtualise CAD/CAE or PLM applications such as CATIA, Solidworks or Siemens TeamCenter! 

Weeeeheeee! I’m working late this week and I’m absolutely thrilled…. Whilst for most people this would be a bad thing I’m absolutely thrilled as I’ve grabbed a role on Lee Bushen’s XenServer MasterClass Webinars with a special NVIDIA GRID vGPU feature by XenDesktop’s Mayunk Jain and other features from XenServer guru Tim Mackey!

Last month at Citrix SUMMIT conference in Florida, Mayunk’s talks on GPU acceleration and remote CAD and rich graphics delivery were packed (check out the photos here ), even using the largest hall available we had to run a second re-run and *still* there were people who couldn’t get in and missed out. The NVIDIA booth demoing vGPU was besieged to the extent people couldn’t physically get within sight of the booth (check out these photos – it was like “Shawn of the Dead”). So we’re doing that Citrix thing when the physical infrastructure starts creaking we virtualise, with a live webinar! Partner booths such as Dell’s demo-ing vGPU were also similar overwhelmed.

For those of you yet to experience one of Lee’s Masterclasses, they are a complete laugh, fully interactive like a radio show with demos and live Q&A chat with our engineers and solution architects both on the audio and a running stream where you can see the questions others are asking – great if you want ideas of what to ask a virtualisation salesman.

If you follow my blogs, I’ll be on the live Q&A chat stream and available for Lee to pull in on the call and happy to attempt to answer them on the fly (the scary bit – 1000 of you together typical come up with a few that stump me). Gaby Hoffman our EMEA based (Germany) storage, networking and general XenServer and Virtualisation guru will also be available on live chat and Q&A. Along with a couple more of our engineers there to answer networking and storage questions and also receive real customer feedback to help them incorporate it into our future products and versions.

NetApp Features – We’ll also be having a NetApp guru on to talk about their fantastic VSC management software available for XenServer. I’ve blogged about this a little myself, but you really should check out Rachel Zhu at NetApp’s blog for the insider’s view on all things NetApp. They’ve some great things going on with some of our other partners such as Cisco and Atlantis.

I should probably also mention that Tim is US based and doing this very early, we will try and get him on the webcam to checkout his pyjamas!