It’s really simple…

  • If you want to know that you are delivering the highest state of the art Windows applications, data, and desktop services to your subscribers, and that you have the best access to the Citrix teams that can support your business, then you want to become a Validated CSP Partner.

As part of our research when Citrix began the CSP partner program, we considered the experiences and feedback from partners that had already built subscription businesses around Citrix technologies. We quickly realized that a baseline solution, and the capabilities it enabled, had to be established in order for consistent subscriber satisfaction to drive the hosting market to its full potential.  As a result, Citrix published the first version of the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture and complementary best practices documentation for hosted service provider partners back in 2010.  Since then, Citrix has continued to work with our hosted service provider partners to evolve the technical and business resources as new capabilities and efficiencies from Citrix become generally available.  We have published 3 evolved versions and will release v4 of the CSP Reference Architecture soon.  This approach has proven critical to the success of the emerging DaaS market and the partners that deliver hosting services to end users. Personally I am quite happy to see how well the Citrix service provider reference architecture has been embraced by our most successful hosting service provider partners.

At times businesses are presented an opportunity to make a quantum leap in philosophy and technology and the winners usually take advantage of the opportunity.  We are again at an inflection point where for businesses of all sizes the question of IT investments, and whether to own or subscribe to certain layers of the stack are more critical than ever.  DaaS and hosted services are major market trends, and every marketing org in the tech industry is aware enough of them to say “me too”.  Sadly, the difference between what is marketed and the reality of most solutions continues to confuse, or worse, disappoint potential customers.  Citrix recognized at the outset that successfully delivering a DaaS solution to end-subscribers goes well beyond creating products and pushing them through a generic channel of providers who may or may not focus on DaaS as a core competence.  We could have simply created a “Citrix DaaS Powered” program and claimed leadership on day one.  Because leadership has much less to do with marketing, and more to do with real world end-user adoption and preference, we built our CSP program around enabling DaaS-centric providers who have a vested interest in delivering the best solution for their customers.  The Citrix Service Provider partner program foundation of best practices around market leading solutions and an aggressive innovation roadmap for those solutions has helped to drive the emergence of DaaS into the mainstream.  As a result, Citrix continues to see very strong growth in truly active DaaS channel partners, total number of subscribers, and as should follow, revenue.

Today we have officially shared publicly details of the Citrix Service Provider partner Validation Program, which has actually been in pilot for quite some time.  All Citrix Service Provider partners that achieve the “Validated Partner” status deliver state of the art services that reflect the current capabilities of the Citrix service provider’s market leading solutions.  Now that the program has become more public we invite all of our CSPs, and those interested in becoming CSPs, to pursue a Validated Partner status and join Citrix in continuing to deliver the best DaaS solutions available today.

The qualifications of a Validated CSP Partner are outlined in the program documents and outlined here